Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bedding Update

So I finally decided on bedding choices! It only took..ohhh...2.5 months. Hehe. What? I'm picky. And cheap. So when West Elm had a 20% off sale on all regular priced bedding, I snagged up my favorite duvet right quick! Here's the bedding we chose:

Close up!

Ironically, the paint on the walls in the pics is somewhat similar to the paint we've chosen for our bedroom. Ours is closer to teal though, more green in it. I was never allowed to paint when I lived at home and then painting in an apartment never made sense to me (I'm lazy and didn't want to paint over it a year later when I moved out), so when we moved into our house, I was uber excited to get some color on the walls! First stop, the bedroom. :) According to Lowe's, this is our color:

I think the color's been a little off on my laptop lately, so hopefully it more closely resembles the actual color on other monitors. The color we chose is a very rich, deep teal.

My original plan for bedding, since we went with such a bold wall color, was to go with a simple white comforter with splashes of color, but I couldn't hold back from the duvet at West Elm. What can I say? I am in lovvvvve. :P

I've chosen a couple potential details for the other bedding accessories. These were my choices when I was still going for the white comforter, but I think it works for the chevron one, too.

I like the green color of the pillow. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the pattern given the intro of the chevron to the mix. Maybe it adds the texture I think I need?? I am still very new at this whole decorating thing. All the decorating I've done before I considered temporary, so I don't think I put much effort into it. Isn't that sad? I realize an apartment can certainly be permanent living, but for me, I never viewed it that way. Probably because prior to the apt I lived in with Frank for the two years before we bought our house, I was never in apt for longer than a year. Hence the temporary feeling. Annnnyywayyy.

We're still working out furniture placement and such. And I need to find nightstands. I think I found a pair at of places, Walmart. I'm not very tech savvy, and I can't figure out how to c/p the image here, so click here to view the tables. Like I said before, I'm picky. I haven't found many nightstands that I like, and the ones I have found are very expensive. With all the projects we want to do in the house, the last thing I need to do is spend $600 on nightstands. I found a pair on Craigslist that I absolutely loved. Needed to be painted. The pair was only $135, and they were antique Ethan Allen. They were octagonal. SO awesome. However...we have floor vents in our bedroom, and the placement will be right next to either side of the bed. So we need a more airy nightstand. The solid octagonal stands just weren't gonna cut it. Therefore, the search continued. We haven't bought anything yet, but we both like the style of the Walmart ones, and most importantly, the are CHEAP. Wooot!!

I'm still trying to convince Frank that we need a little reading nook in the bedroom. He just views it as another piece of furniture that's bound to collect clothing. Hmm...he might have a point there. My mom actually has two grandmother chairs from my grandma's old house. I claimed those chairs when I was about 7, so my mom's been hanging onto them for me. I'm hoping I can get her to reupholster them for me as a Christmas and/or wedding gift. No idea how much that costs, but neither of us is handy enough with a sewing machine to do it ourselves. Gotta get on that! :P But yeah...if I can get two cute chairs in the bedroom at no expense to us, I don't think Frank will complain hehe.

Let's hope we pull this bedroom look together soon :) Oh, and funny little fact for you. The previous owners replaced every carpet in the house since it was built in 1996 EXCEPT for the master bedroom, so it still has the hideous forest green carpet of the mid-90s. Sounds so glam, right? It'll be especially awesome between the time we paint our walls teal and when we can get the new carpet (we're going for a medium charcoal grey) in here. Can you imagine it? Teal walls. Forest green carpet. *shivers* :P

So what do you guys think? Any suggestions? Ideas?

Till next time!


  1. Sounds like a plan Em! And I like that you're being smart with your money as well. Can't wait to see the finished product. Bet you'll be glad to you pull up that carpet!
    Love, Dad

  2. Loving the ideas so far!! Can't wait to see them come to fruition!

  3. Hi Emily,
    Your ideas are wonderful. I know what you mean about finally being able to decorate - I'm in the same boat and it takes me forever to pick anything out. I think you're better at it than me though - I chose a really dark blue for our bedroom and I wish it was lighter.

    The grey carpet sounds like it will be great. Carpet is so much better for a bedroom, I think.

    Can't wait to see the finished product.


  4. Thanks, guys! April, do you have a blog? Or perhaps some pictures online of what you've done with your room? Would love to see it :)

  5. Hi Emily,

    Well, so far I only have these kind of unmatched curtains from Pier One which I thought would work because they'd pick up the blue but don't really.

    Not really worth taking a picture yet. If I get it together and post any, I'll let you know.

    Thanks for the inspiration,