Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glass Magic!

When we moved into our first house, it didn't take long to realize how hard our water was (test revealed it was the second highest rating! yikes). There is calcium build-up in every sink and commode. But where it was most evident...the dishes! Ugh. Originally, I thought, "How could the not even 2-year-old dishwasher suck so bad?!" Our cups would come out looking like this:

Gross! But then! When I had a shopping trip with Sarah and Roselyn, the boys stayed back to brew up their first batch of beer, and oddly enough, Frank and Roselyn's hubby, Brian, got to talking about hard water. And da da da daaa! Brian saved the day! He suggested this!

Who knew that stuff actually worked! When I saw pictures like the one below, I thought it was a total gimmick. Thank goodness I was wrong :)

So if you're in the hard water boat and want your dishes and silverware to actually look clean coming out of the dishwasher, get this Finish stuff. :) And no, we're aren't getting any freebies or anything for this. I just thought I'd pass along for the hard water folks out there.


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