Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm a slacker

OK, so I'm the worst blogger ever. My last post was...ohhh...9 months ago. My how time flies! But that isn't to say I haven't been busy crafting away. I have created more this year than I ever have before. I'm pretty proud of that :P

Anyway, this isn't much of a blog post for now, but it is a promise to update more regularly. I think my plans have changed a bit since my first post. I want to just show what I've made this year and how to make it. It won't be as focused on DIY versions of more expensive things, although those will get thrown in there for sure.

Exciting times these are. My boyfriend proposed to me on my birthday in February. :) SO uber excited. And now! We're buying a house! Settlement is April 29th, and we're planning to move April 30th - think we're psyched to move? :P

So with those two things in mind, I'll be quite busy DIY-ing things, updating things, maybe some renovations here and there. Only thing slightly holding me back a bit is that I need to have surgery on both my shoulders this summer. So for at least 10 wks this spring/summer, I'll have one arm or the other in a sling. Not exactly the best way to paint, craft, reno, etc. Which is why I'll probably focus on things I've done in the past for a couple months. Then once I'm healthy, I'll post about more current projects. Like the one that's currently topping my list: kitchen table and hutch. You can see in the picture below the set we're inheriting from the previous house owners. I actually love the set, but the table is in some serious need of resurfacing. Horribly scratched up :( But that just gives me motivation to do what we want with it! I want to kind of mix it up in there. Country meets modern. Here's the plan: paint the table and hutch white. The chairs and the back of the hutch will be painted a Robin's Egg Blue to match my mixer :P Yes, my paint choices are influenced by my appliances hehe. Lucky me...we have countertop-height stools in the same style as the table chairs. So they will also be painted blue. Once that's done, I'll move onto the kitchen cabinets. I'm hoping for white in there too. Eventually get a sleek black granite countertop (eventually is the key word there - who knew buying a house and planning a wedding were so expensive! :P). Knobs/pulls will be either a silver/pewter or robin's egg blue again. Haven't decided that. Kitchen walls...I'm thinking a nice, warm grey.

Anyway...those are my ideas. What do you guys think? More to come soon! And I mean it this time!

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